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Picked this little beauty up today. Also had The Hobbit included!

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Sooo… this happened on the weekend!!!

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Oh, hey Melbourne!

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Found this little gem last night.
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Just your friendly neighborhood #spiderman

I going to start todays blog off with a question: Is there a defining moment in your life when you realised that you have “grown up”? (Of course that’s considering you HAVE grown up… and if not, I envy you!).

I ask you this because it was only recently that I have had this epiphany. I am no longer a man child, but a fully fledged man!

Get your minds out of the gutters… I know what you’re thinking… no, not that kind of becoming a man… that happened long long ago! I mean in the “holy shit, you no longer are a child and you have numerous responsibilities” kind of way.

Now, keep in mind I have been paying bills for years: Rent, phone bill, internet (when I’m not stealing it… hi-five!), cable, and other things such as that. But it wasn’t until this Christmas just passed that it finally dawned on me.

Like every other Christmas, mum asked me what I’d like, to which my response usually is gift vouchers from the local chain of DVD store. But not this year, Oh no! This year I said, without hesitation… “Just socks, underpants, and handkerchiefs please!”

I KNOW… I just went from man child to geriatric in less than 12 parsecs! (Slow clap for the ones that got that reference… you’re my kind of person! And I know it’s not a measure of time, but a measure of distance; just give this one to me)

Don’t get me wrong, I have no worries about this growing up stuff, it just makes me miss being a kid.

Gone are the days of not having a care in the world, replaced by having all the cares (I’m not sure if that makes sense… frankly, I don’t care… wait, what?)

To be fair, they are awesome socks: Green and black polka dots for one set and a green argyle for the other! The handkerchiefs are pretty sweet too… they have my initials on it! Suave!

Anywho, Thanks for sticking around and reading this utter dribble. Until next time!


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